Materials for Fun Letter Writing

First blog post ever!! Woohoo!
I am so excited because this month is Letter Writing Month. 
The U.S. Postal Service officially designated April National Card and Letter Writing Month “to raise awareness of the importance and historical significance of card and letter writing.” 
Throughout the month I will be sharing different blog posts on how to make the most of your letter writing! 
My first post is a few of my favorite things to spruce up your cards.
1. PENS. These pens are my favorite because they write so well, not to mention the color is adorable. 
2. WASHI TAPE. You can literally put this on anything and everything. I like to line my envelopes with it!
3. CARDS. Duh. I am releasing new cards each week! Go check em out! 
4. SCISSORS. Ok why do you have scissors on this list Kat? But seriously, aren't these Eiffel Tower scissors just the cutest? I like having them in my office for photoshoots and cutting out little hearts out of cardstock to put in my cards.
5. WAX SEAL. This one is amazing because it's a peel and stick! I have tried both the peel and stick and the melting wax. As fun as the whole process is, melting the wax and pressing it, I sometimes prefer an easier and less messy version!
Enjoy your letter writing! I think it would be so fun to see everyone's creativity this month. Use #gpletterwriting in any Instagram post so we can all see!